Every child is a unique individual.IMG_8312


At ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we believe that children should be given every opportunity to develop that uniqueness and individuality whilst being helped to love all the challenges, pleasures, difficulties and camaraderie involved in learning.


Our programs are multi-age and we believe that the increased opportunities for learning, sharing, developing interdependence and independence, and developing each child’s uniqueness and individuality are abundant in such an environment.


Our students and staff come from all over the world and therefore we seek to provide an enriching, international, multi-age environment that gives children maximum opportunity to mature and succeed.



  • To establish a positive self concept and attitude to learning
  • To foster each child’s creativity, curiosity about the world, problem solving skills and confidence as a learner
  • To offer a caring and nurturing multi age environment that encourages the development of each child’s independence and interdependence and recognizes their individual learning styles
  • To provide appropriate learning experiences through play and guided activities that will meet the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development needs of each child
  • To develop an understanding and respect for the feelings and ideas of others
  • To express ideas, feelings and thoughts articulately in the common language of English
  • To value the ideas and involvement of parents in the education of their children
  • To help children learn about the world and their place in it